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"The Aliens Are Coming! The Aliens Are Coming! One if by Temporal Wormhole Anomaly, two if by Hyperdrive!"
- Spelunker Gregg, leader of Spelunker Gregg & His Caving Commandos
October 04, 2003
"Quite a mix here SSL...not bad." - geneticalpowerhouse of the The Bohemian Rhapsody
October 02, 2003
"Nothing wrong with this site, I'm waiting for the aliens to land so I can five them the key to my pinto. If aliens are out, they sure did travel far, just to figure out, [there weren't any beings anywhere] near their level of abilites." - yogiwashere
August 14, 2003
"think maybe aliens could be so alien we would even recognized aliens as aliens" - dfer1467
May 24, 2003
"A site like [this] deserves to be handed to Venus." - laserleftfoot
April 30, 2003
"There's a lot there." - Gliese
April 30, 2003
"Wandered over to view the new version of OSSLR and almost didn't return. Lots of new stuff!Rats! I didn't get out of there for an hour." - longhair_red
April 15, 2003
"Sizz's Site is to be savored not gulped." - Caliban The Flatulant
January 12, 2003
"Your site is as twisted as [unmentionable web empire]. This is not a complement. Who ARE you people? Don't answer that. I think I will just quietly leave by the side door." - Fazool
January 08, 2003
"Cools site! But what, no birds ?" - true_masked_wabbit
November 22, 2002
"Delightfully inane in so many ways I don't even bother to pretend like I remember them all! This truly is the official SSL Report!" - Draco The Vampyre
November 15, 2002

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Draco Interviews SSL

"If I were a secret-
black-ops agent, I'd want this site and all of its employees taken out." - Brave Sir Ronald
October 1, 2002
"My position of bus driver for the city of Redding, California, as you may well imagine, requires me to do vast amounts of Internet research, and no online resource is more valuable to me than The Official Sizzling Saucer Lady Report. It is perhaps the most efficiently laid out, well documented, and scholarly factual database available. I've also found some hot, ultra-vixen, ready-to-party alien babes in the personals, which is always a plus." - Coyote a.k.a. Ruler of CoyotePlanet
September 29, 2002

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Coyote Interviews SSL

"I've never really seen that Sizzling Saucer Woman's computerized web-site, or whatever you call it, because I don't have a computer machine, but my next-door neighbor, Coyote tells me that it is very, very nice, and it contains many money-saving tips for the us elderly folks who live on fixed incomes." - Gertie the old lady who lives next door to Coyote
September 29, 2002
"This site is held in higher regard by Standing in the Door than any other household appliance." - Standing in the Door commander of the Guerrillas in the Midst
September 28, 2002
"[SSL is] seemingly the sole voice of reason in a world gone mad. Therefore, Professor Coyote recommends to all reality-challenged [internet users] a visit to SSL's sanity super-charged site: *Sizzlin Saucer Lady's Sanity Report*" - Professor Coyote of CoyotePlanet Internet Industries
September 27, 2002
Sorry but a bunch of reviews were lost between these dates.
"I highly recommend this site! It is delicious, particularly the a's and the w's" - anonymous
February 26, 2002
"Proof is anything that can be found on a website. Sheesh!" - lamont_cranston_esq
February 4, 2002
"SSL is a time thief, but I'd visit this site again if she paid me!" - biscuit_mix
January 9, 2002

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Bix Interviews SSL

"This is quite possibly the greatest single website ever created by [woman]! It has everything from alien info to carpentry tips, and is a must see for anyone with a connection to the Internet! Okay, maybe I lied about the carpentry bit, but it does have alien stuff! I laughed, I cried, I did other stuff! This is how websites were meant to be made!" - cosmic_irrelevance
January 6, 2002
"SSL, would you please quit hogging all my spare time with that darned web site of yours?" - biscuit_mix
December 14, 2001

For more, view:
Bix Interviews SSL

"This site has everything, I think I saw a kitchen sink back there as well. You've captured the uniqueness of BPE just here, without revealing all of our secrets :)" - Mystery_chick_1999
November 23, 2001
"Loads of fun and one of the webs best hidden secrets. must announce to the world now............" - judibugg424
October 16, 2001
"Once again, your site is amazing - a real treasure trove of useless crap. I love it!" - A_Clockwork_Coyote of CoyotePlanet Industries
July 28, 2001
"Nice site, fast loading, really does the *Less is more* pointer for webdesign justice." - Alphabeast
April 15, 2001
Beware! The Alien Threat is closer than you think.
    Have you heard eerie sizzling sounds, spotted a strange saucer following you, seen a female alien lurking about and eating popcorn? You could be part of the alien visitor's plans for world domination.
    Beware the Alien Threat is everywhere. Be sure you know what to look for before you call the authorities, the media, the scientists, your friends, your neighbors, and the alien hunters. You could end up getting a harmless human in a whole mess of trouble. Aliens thrive on chaos. So don't feed the alien, unless, of course, it is popcorn.
    Enter the Official Sizzling Saucer Lady Report and find out much much more about one particularly fiendish alien foe.

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About the OSSLR Site

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Description: A alien watchdog site about alien visitors known as SSL Aliens from that which is Beyond Planet Earth.
Mission Statement: Provide to the public all the facts, news, and rumors about the famous alien visitors. Publish pictures and sightings. Dispute the mysterious coverup. Present ample evidence that the people of Earth are open to settlers from other worlds.
Beware: This site may or may not be under the influence of aliens, extraterrestrials, designer drugs, or an imagination on the precipice of insanity.
First Time Visitors: See How to use this site! and the Featured Pages.
Updates: This site is constantly under construction. New info on SSL aliens may turn up daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. So return often. What's New?
Aliens in General
Other Alien Stuff: If you are looking for information on Zeta-Reticulis, Greys, Lyrans, Vegans, Arcturians, Orions, Pleiadians, Sirians, Venusians, or any other alien race, try the Alien News or Alien Classifieds sections, but first, you should read the Alien Disclaimer and the The OSSLR F.A.Q.
Avoids Answering the Questions:
  • Why are aliens short-bald-clammy-androgynous-child like-beings without a stitch of clothing?
  • And how do those characteristics impel the beings to take over the Earth, the galaxy, and the rest of the universe?
  • Do their plans include the use of the Spatula of Slaughter? Should we expect mass carnage?
  • Is it "gray" or "grey"?
  • If they are 'gray' or some color other than 'green', then why are they referred to as "little green men"?
  • Are Aliens offended by humans who referred to them by color or by similarities to Earth species?
  • Do aliens even exist?
  • If they do exist, do extraterrestrials exist?
  • Will I burn in hell, if I don't believe in aliens?
  • Are skeptics agents of the devil?
  • Will we ever know 'the truth'?
  • What is the bread basket of peace?

Nonetheless, things cannot be avoided forever. The OSSLR may someday find good and honest answers to these questions! However, you will have to do your own search of the site to find those answers.

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Coyote Planet
Useless Site Information
Viewing Requirements: This site is best viewed in IE5+ 800x600.
Waste of Space: This site is just another useless and waste of web space site. Take the time to squander your precious moments on Earth here. Enjoy!
Porn: There is no pictures of aliens having sex, no alien anal probs, no human/alien sex, no alien sex, no human sex, no human-hybrid sex, no pictures of sex, and certainly no teen sex, but there is some extremely crude humor sprinkled here and there, hence this is a PG-13 (maybe PG-16) site.
Coyote Disclaimer
While there is a specific page dedicated to the Disclaimer for The OSSLR, due to a visitor's 'constructive criticism' by the notorious BPE chatter known as gliese, I must add this small print:
This site is neither related nor belongs to the CoyotePlanet Internet Industries web empire run by an evil tyranical ruler a.k.a. Professor Coyote, Rev. Prof. Coyote, Uncle Coyote, clockdorquecoyote, A_Clockwork_Coyote, and Coyote. Coyote is just being nice for once in his life by having the link to the OSSLR on his site.

Go To The RED HOT OSSLR Vs. Coyote Planet Disclaimer Dispute

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